Danny Sadler


Meet Danny Sadler

Since the early 1970’s I have been actively involved in the local construction industry in Polk and Hillsborough County, Florida. I started working in the various trades eventually working directly for other local builders and later began Sub-Contracting Masonry work from other local Builder’s. In 1979, after completing all Licensing and Testing requirements, I obtained the “Residential Contractors License” and immediately began construction of my first home. Since then our company has built hundreds of homes throughout Polk County and numerous homes in Hillsborough County. However, the bulk of our business is in our home area of Polk County. There is nothing we like better than helping our friends and neighbors right here at home, as we have never strived to be the biggest, our emphasis has always been on quality construction at reasonable prices.

Our History

Through the years our company grew and in 1984 our company gained corporate status and thus “Danny Sadler, Inc.” was started. With the support of my wife, Cara, we continued a “slow growth” pattern that continues today. Cara plays a most important role as Secretary, Book-keeper, and more, “Behind every successful man there stands a good woman”. Since that time I’ve upgraded my License to “State Certified Building Contractor” #CBC-059652 and our Company Qualifies under License #QB-0015606.

If you live here in the area you have probably heard of us or know someone whom we’ve built for; a Co-worker, Friend or Family member. Time and again we have built for one family member and then later another, it’s not unusual that we build a home for “Mom & Dad” and later for the children, or Brother/Sister, or Uncle, etc. Remember we have been doing this since “1979” and with the addition of our new Family members, we fully intend to be here for your Family for years to come!

A simple process

Working with us is simple! Get started today so that we can help you build your dream home!

1. Contact Us

Contact our team to get the process started. We’ll learn more about the dreams you have for your home and will answer any questions you may have.

2. We start building

Our team of trained professionals will get started designing and building your home. This is where we bring your vision to life!

3. Enjoy your home

Enjoy living in the home of your dreams! When you work with Danny Sadler, Inc. you can rest assured knowing that your home is built to last.

Available lots for building packages in Square Lake Bartow and Water Ridge Auburndale!

We also currently have 4 homes in Square Lake for sale and 1 home in Water Ridge for sale. All of these homes are move in ready!